About ourselves

The business of our company started in 1996 when the development of private companies started in the whole country of Latvia. Under the guidance of Director we purchased some automobiles and transported cargo from Latvia to Russia.

Gradually extending the scope of work and finding new co-operation partners, the company started developing. First, the logistics were improved and we established good creative co-operation with expedition companies in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany and Netherlands.

Second, we contributed much effort and work to development of a new depot park, development of the repair facilities. The accounting and registration system was improved, a business plan was created for the company. Stable co-operation partners were found inn Moscow. Starting with 2003.gadu, to improve the efficiency of operation, we reorganized the company – divided the work fields.

If necessary and at the customer’s request, vehicles can be sent for embarking or use the services of the ferry sailing between Latvia and Germany. We offer our services in cargo expedition and transportation in any direction you suggest.